TranslationPartner is a company specialized in African languages translation and localization services. Although the continent has thousands of languages, about 12 of these languages are spoken by 75% of the population and 15 languages are used by 85% of African populations as a primary or secondary language. The company provides translation for more than 30 main African languages, along with other minor languages.

How we choose our African language specialists:

Our criteria for choosing our African languages translators are:

  • Native Speaker of the language: This ensures the language specialise understands the tips and tricks of the African language and can communicate its intended message.
  • Official education in translation or linguistics: this way the translator would have studied the mechanics of translation along with the techniques of translation.
  • Five years’ experience in translation: having a proven track record in translation or interpretation creates a professional translator at both, the language and the communication levels.
  • Specialized translators: in additional to knowing the language and the translation techniques, the translator should be specialized in a certain area. This way, the African language translator will be aware of the standards of this area and know how to provide extra quality.

Swahili Language Translation

With our strict translation quality process, you can trust our Swahili language services, which include translation, editing, proofreading, transcription, and desktop publishing. Our Swahili translators are based in African countries such as Tanzania, Kenya аnd Uganda. They are all native speakers of Swahili and have at least 5 years’ experience.

Amharic Language Translation

Amharic is the official language of Ethiopia, where there is 4 million speakers of the language. We help with Amharic to English Amharic translation. Our Amharic translators are professional users of the latest computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools. They are native speakers and their translations are always evaluated against our quality standards.

Yoruba Language Translation

With Yoruba as a main language of Nigeria, we opt to use native Yoruba translators based in it. Our Yoruba translation services include legal, technical, medical and marketing texts. TranslationPartner team includes around 15 Yoruba translators and localizers; each has at least 5 years’ experience in translation and language industry.

Tigrinya Language Translation

Our Tigrinya translators are based in Eritrеа and Ethiopia, where Tigrinya is a main language. We have been providing Tigrinya Translation services for more than 5 years. Our translation experience in this language includes technical translation, localization and Typesetting. TranslationPartner’s team includes around 20 Tigrinya translators and localizers.

Sinhalese Language Translation

Our Sinhalese translators can work in major specializations such as legal, technical and website localization. These translators are native speakers of Sinhala. They are well trained and comply with each project instructions. You just send us your project and we will set up a suitable team of Sinhalese translators and meet both, quality and deadline.

Afrikaans Language Translation

Afrikaans is one of the major languages of Africa, with around 18 million native speakers. TranslationPartner provides English to Afrikaans translation services done by professional and native Afrikaans trаnѕlаtоrѕ. Our team members have the needed background to translate in many areas, especially legal and education, along with software and website localization.

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