Accurate Sinhalese Translation:

Besides all the languages that we translate, TranslationPartner also provides translation from English to Sinhalese translation services by our expert translators. We make sure that the translated document can be read smoothly, carries the same meaning as the original text, and free of any grammar mistakes.To ensure the success of the Sinhalese translation for your project or business, you must make sure that you have included copyediting, proofreading, translation based on culture appropriately.

We guarantee a quick, yet accurate translation experience for you by using the latest translation software and technology in our translation process. We save the old successful translations for the best quality by using the “Translation Memory”. This helps us to use the old English to Sinhalese Translation and use it in the new projects, and this is why the cost is lower and we deliver quicker.

English to Sinhalese Translation Services:

Whenever there is a need to translate from English to Sinhalese you can always trust TranslationPartner with your documents whether they are personal or business documents. Our translators are not just expertise however; they lived in English countries to better understand the language. This is why you will find the best quality of Sinhalese translation with our service, as our professional translators take special care of applying the right English terms and they give extra care when it comes to legal documents so that will get a native English translated document.

Sinhalese Translation Services

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Sinhala Translation services

Professional Sinhalese Localization  Service

TranslationPartner will give you a complete professional Sinhalese website and software localization services. Our expert localization engineers are going to monitor your current publications, and extract the new documents and deliver your translated document as quickly as possible.

We care to maintain the service level agreement of your publication needs so that you can fully concentrate on your business and leave your translation in good safe hands.

We have the best Sinhalese project management team and excellent quality assurance, editors to localize your required documents or contents. Each of our quality managers is assigned to a certain translation task based on their experience to meet your needs.

TranslationPartner always assures confidentiality and quality, as we believe that personal approach is an important factor to maintain and build trust between our clients and us.

How We Choose Our Sinhalese Translators

Native Sinhalese  translators only:

We only rely on native Sinhalese translators to make sure that your documents relates to its mother culture and use the right terminologies and expressions. Our native translators must have a certified degree in language and translation in order to translate your documents.

Official degree in linguistics:

Before anyone translates your documents, we make sure that they are certified enough to be trusted with your business or personal documents. One of the key certifications we look for when looking for translators is an official degree in linguistics to provide native professional quality.



5 Yeas Translation Experience

To guarantee your satisfaction and that you receive qualified and professional documents, we choose translators of 5 years of experience in the Sinhalese translation. We choose those who specialize in the field, which you require.

Specialized Translators

Finding specialized native translators is not always easy, but we made it possible at TranslationPartner. Our native translators offer you an accurate and compatible translated content. To guarantee the quality of the translation we offer you, we combined the efforts of Sinhalese project managers, editors and proofreaders and professional translators.

A List of the Documents We Translate:

  • Sinhalese document translation
  • Sinhalese legal documents
  • Sinhalese interpretation
  • Sinhalese certificate translation
  • Sinhalese medical documents
  • Sinhalese voiceover and subtitling
  • Sinhalese website translation
  • Sinhalese transcription
  • Sinhalese financial documents
  • Sinhalese engineering documents
  • Sinhalese marketing documents
African Language Translation Services

Why Translate to Sinhalese:

Reach millions of Africans:

The Sinhalese are more than 15 million in population and are mostly located in North central, South, Central, and West Sri Lanka. According to Mahavamsa and Dipavamsa, the Sinhalese people are the descendants of the settlers who arrived at the island in 543 BCE from Sinhapura in India, led by Vijaya, the prince.

Where it is spoken:

Sinhalese is considered one of the national and official languages of Sri Lanka. Along with Pali, and Sinhalese. The Sinhalese language played a significant role in the evolution of Theravada Buddhist history which made is one of the important and recognized languages across the globe and needed by many businesses and projects.

Other African Language Translations:

Africa is a continent with an extensive variety of languages and cultures. There are around 2000 languages spoken on this continent alone! However, there are about 12 languages that are used in communication by 75% of the total population. TranslationPartner translates to major African languages and minor dialects too. According to Wikipedia, Most languages spoken in Africa belong to one of three large language families: Afroasiatic, Nilo-Saharan, and Niger–Congo.

Here is a list of the major African languages we work with:

  • Afrikaans Language Translation
  • Amharic Language Translation
  • Swahili Language Translation
  • Zulu Language Translation
  • Tigrinya Language Translation
  • Sinhalese Language Translation
  • Yoruba Language Translation

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