Marketing Translation Services To Grow Your Company and Attract More Customers

Attract more international customers with professional marketing translation services with the best translators who understand your target markets.

Translation for Marketing Material 

It is not easy to create marketing material for your brand or company. Writing the content of a flyer or a  brochure takes a lot of time and energy. Also, the design requires back and forth till you reach a design that represents your company very well.

All this can be a wasted effort in the foregn markets if the translation  of the marketing material is not as creative as the source you have written before. 

That is why we take the translation of marketing material very seriously. This type of translation goes through a full cycle of translation and editing to ensure it is ready to be presented to your international customers.

Company Brochure Translation Services 

Brochure may be the first contact point of the new customers of your brand. That is why every word counts when translating your company brochure. 

Our expert translation team will translate your company brochure according to the culture of your target market. We combine translation, localization and transcreation services when we do this type of marketing translation. 

We will advise you about the best practices for a brochure translation in terms of images, colors and text. This will help improve the quality of the brochure translation.

How Much Does it Cost to Translate a Brochure?

The cost of the brochure depends on the language, the text volume and the number of pages. The price per word ranges from $0.07 to $0.15 depending on the language. The page design price might be $10 per page, depending on the page design.

Press Release Translation Services 

One mistake in a press release translation may harm the reputation of the company. All press releases are published online now, which expedite and expand the harm to your company. For this particular reason, our press release translations are double-checked before delivery to ensure they are ready for online publishing.

Also, there are some style challenges related to translating a press release. For example, the title of the person mentioned might be different from the source text, depending on the language you want the translation for. Another challenge can be the date format, which is styled differently between countries who may speak the same language.

Translation Services for Digital marketing

Digital Marketing Translation

TranslationPartner can help you translate your digital marketing assets such as social media posts, blog articles, website content or paid advertisements content.

International SEO is another important part of digital marketing translation. We have an expert team of translators who understand how SEO content should be translated and are familiar with the tools needed to do keyword research and provide different variations for the same keyword.

Also, there is a team for social media content translation. The challenges related to social media content is usually slang and affected by the local culture of the social media users. For this reason, we only use native translators of the language to do this type of translation.