Need to Translate a Document, a Brochure, or a Website?

In many cases, translating your company website, brochure, or business documents can become a nightmare if you work with the wrong translation services provider. You can waste hours and hours of work on an unusable translation.

You need to find a reliable translation partner who understands how to produce copy that is clear and natural in Arabic or any other language. You need a partner who recognizes how important this translation is for your company or business. 

You need to work with professionals, not amateurs. A professional translation agency that works day and night in language services can be your best choice as we have a trained team that can help you achieve your business goals through translation and thus a wider audience reach.

The Best Way to Complete your Translation Project

There are principles you need to follow to make it easy for you and your translation team to complete the translation project correctly and easily. Here are a few of them:

  • Tell the translation team why you are translating your website, documents, or brochure. This will help them identify the importance of the project and the effort needed to produce an accurate translation that meets your goals.
  • Use technology to save time and effort. The translation services sector has its own set of software and tools that help manage your translation project more efficiently and reduce costs.
  • Prepare ahead with clear instructions and a list of approved terms. If you have a large translation project, it is better to prepare a style guide and a list of approved translated terms. This will improve the quality of the translation.

We Are a Translation Company in Egypt with 15 Years of Experience 

TranslationPartner has been offering language services for 15 years. The industries we have worked with include e-commerce, manufacturing, real estate development, engineering, telecommunication, technology, software and tourism. 

We have a well-trained and qualified team of translators in Arabic and other languages. All our translators have an educational background in translation and are specialized in their fields. You will work with a team of competent translators who understand how important your translation project is. 

As a professional translation company, we provide a variety of additional services, such as interpretation, transcreation, localization, voice-over, transcription, and desktop publishing. Along with these language services, we provide aspects that are part of the international marketing sector, such as cultural consultation and international SEO.

A Top Translation Company

It has been a pleasure working with Translationpartner this year to translate material in different languages in the medical device industry. Professionalism, perfect for deadlines, and flexibility to meet our needs make Translationpartner one of the top translation companies in Egypt, with international standards.
Salsabile Bouhaya
Medical Devices Manufacturer

Committed to International Standards for Translation

The international community of translation agencies and associations agree on some standards that help to improve the quality of translation in all languages. Here are some of them:

  • Following the TEP Quality Model: This refers to the phases of the perfect translation project cycle. TEP means Translation, Editing, and Proofreading. Each step is done by a professional translator/linguist to improve the quality of the translation.
  • Working with Native Speakers Only: This refers to using only native speakers of the language who work as translators. Natives are aware of the nuances of the language and are the best person to translate in their native tongue.
  • Translators Should Study Translation Skills: Being a native isn’t enough to translate accurately. A professional translator should study the mechanics of the language and tactics of translation.

These are some of the standards we follow. Also, you will have a dedicated project manager or contact person who will supervise the translation cycle of your documents or website to complete the translation on time with the best quality.

Our Translation Services Portfolio:

As mentioned, we work with a variety of sectors, but here are our main language services. 

  1. English to Arabic Document Translation: This includes translating business documents and brochures. We help translate these into Arabic with native translators who are based in Egypt and other Arab countries. 
  2. Website Arabic Translation: If you want to translate your company website, we can definitely help. We have worked on e-commerce, beauty, travel, and many other types of websites. Also, we can help you insert the translation in your backend. 
  3. Multilingual Translation Services: We don’t work only in Arabic, but other languages as well, such as German, French, Turkish, Swahili, and many others. We use only native translators who speak these languages.

What Happens If You Work with the Wrong Translation Company?

You may accidentally work with a non-professional translation agency, it happens. This can lead to negative results for your business. Here are some common bad scenarios:

  • Damaging Your Company’s Reputation: If your translation company fails to deliver excellent quality this may affect your company’s reputation. Imagine that a company slogan is translated with a negative meaning and this slogan is printed for many marketing activities, such as brochures and websites. You will have to spend a huge amount of money to mitigate the consequences of this bad translation.
  • Not Delivering Your Results on Time: Content translation is a part of a larger campaign. Maybe you are translating your website to launch a campaign in a new country or you are translating your brochure to attend an important exhibition in a foreign country. If the translation is not ready on time, this may affect the results of your campaign.
  • Spending Too Much Time to Finish the Translation: If you hire the wrong translation company, you may suffer from inefficient communication, like a delayed response to questions or missing deadlines. It is not about providing high-quality translations only; it is about experiencing a solid performance during the translation process.